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Eleventh Bandung International Conference on Language & Education ICT in Language Studies

Call for Papers
The Bandung International Conferences on Language & Education - jointly organised every two years by Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the British Council in Indonesia and the University of Leeds (UK) – explore issues of topical concern to language specialists and language educators in Indonesia. They also attract significant numbers of participants from other parts of the world.
BICOLE 11 - the Eleventh International Bandung Conference on Language & Education - focuses on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Language Studies. It does this through five sub-themes:
·         E-learning and teaching (What are the benefits and drawbacks of using ICT to learn and teach languages?)
·         Social media in learning and teaching (Do social media really have a role to play in language studies?)
·         Corpus analysis and the language curriculum (How can corpus-based analysis give us a better understanding of the language which we are studying or teaching??)
·         E-teacher development (Can teachers’ competences be developed through ICT? How?)
·         Online language testing (We are already familiar with online IELTS and TOEFL. What are the limits of online language testing?)
What makes the Bandung International Conferences on Language & Education special?
·         Relevance: BICOLE always focuses on a topic which is of current importance in Indonesia.
·         Focus: The theme of each conference is reflected in every presentation. Papers not related to the conference theme are not accepted.
·         Quality: All proposals are considered by an international selection committee. Only the highest quality proposals are accepted for presentation.
The Conference organisers invite abstracts of papers (45 minutes) or workshops (90 minutes) from:
·         language teachers in schools and universities
·         teacher educators
·         curriculum designers
·         language testing specialists
·         education administrators and managers
·         policy makers
·         researchers
·         and anybody else who is concerned with issues relating to Information and Communication Technology.
Participants from outside Indonesia will be especially welcome. SEMINAR LINK

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