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Arum Nur Wijayanti, A Student of English Education Department, Muhammadiyah University of Metro, Presents Her Research Project in the Linguistics International Congress (KIMLI) in Bali

Another good news is achieved by one of English Education students, Arum Nur wijayanti accompanied by her lecturer Dedy Subandowo, M.A.,successfully presented her accepted abstract in the Linguistics International Congress(KIMLI)in Udayana University - Bali,on 24 - 27 of August 2016. The congress is held by Linguistics Society of Indonesia (MLI) and the conjunction with Universitas Udayana, SOAS University of London, and Atmajaya University - Jakarta. The paper presented on the congress is the result of her research thesis entitled "AN ANALYSIS OF VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL SIGNS IN COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENT". The committee announced that from 450 abstracts have been received, there were only 200 articles that can be accepted to present on the congress. It was such great honor for her to be one of those lucky people attending the International conference in Bali.

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