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Student Achievement from English Edu Department of Muhammadiyah University of Metro Okta Mahendra as a finalis tof Mr. and Miss Casual Lampung 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016, too happy knowing a great news grabbed by one of English Education Study Program Muhammadiyah University of Metro undergraduate students, Okta Mahendra was preciously selected as a finalist of Mr. and Miss Casual Lampung 2016. The Mr. Miss casual Lampung 2016 held at Kartini Mall Bandar Lampung is an annual event held by entertainment organizer, Phobee Enterprise Lampung in looking for the new generation of Mr. and Miss Casual Lampung. This pageant is covered for of casual mister and miss icon in Lampung  in which the main categories are counted such as  beauty, brain and good behavior. The event was started by registration started from 4 to 8 September 2016 with some criteria such as; age is 18 to 24 years old, wearing casual mood, and having confidence. Continued by the main event on Sunday, 10 September 2016 on the 3rd floor at Kartini Mall. The total finalists who registered themselves were fifty two contestants consisted ten males and forty two females. They all wore casual fashion style.
It was started by all finalist parade in front of three mastering judges in fashion, gesture and stage blocking. The finalists were so shining in front of judges and audiences, not in exception, Okta Mahendra who also won at Pemilihan Muli Mekhanai Kota Metro 2016 was shining wearing casual costume, red Polo T- Shirt, short pants, black casual shoes, and completed with outer styled in Kimono Coat with ethnic Cultural fabric from West of Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Tiring session has passed well, the next session was catwalk judging where the finalist showed their ability in modeling on the catwalk stage. One was Okta Mahendra, he performed well in front of all judges and audiences, and pride of Ethnic outer he put on. At The last, the time for announcing the winner of Mr. and Miss Casual 2016. Yes, So glad he was selected candidate for Mr. and Miss Casual Lampung 2016. This was such a big achievement for him as beginner in modeling world, not to mention a proud achievement of English Education Study Program that not only creating professional teachers, but also preparing human resources competitive in other side, entertainment, business, and social scale.

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