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Two lecturers from English Education Department of UM Metro Become Presenters on the 5th Unnes International Conference in Semarang, Indonesia

University of Muhammadiyah Metro sent two lecturers from English Education Deparment, whose abstrcts were succesfully accepted by the committee, became the presenters on the conference. Ms Lilis Sholihah, M. Pd, and Ms Aulia Hanifah Qomar, M. Pd were attending as the speaker in which the vanue was held in Grasia Hotel,  Semarang from 8-9 October 2016. The theme of this international conference was the 5th Unnes International Conference on English Language Teaching,  Literature, and Translation. The invited keynotes, however, were from University of Southern Quensland (Associate Professor Robyn Henderson),  University of PGRI Semarang (Subur L. Wardoyo, Ph. D), AWEJ-Sponsored Speaker (Prof. Dr Said Faiq), and featured speakers Ms. Julija Knezevic from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and Associate Professor Adrian Rodgers, the Ohio State University.

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