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ASES of PBI UM Metro Has Successfully Held English Competition for Senior High School Students

ASES (Association of English Students) of PBI UM Metro held the great event named English Competition for Senior High School Students in Lampung. This event was placed at the E Hall of UM Metro on Saturday 6 of May, 2017. Moreover, naming the theme " Dare to Be Awesome and Explore Your Imagination" paid the student attention to register to this event. Not to mention that this competition had three categories that can be chosen by the students, they are Speech, Song, and Story Telling. On his speech, the ASES chairman M Iqbal Hanafi (the sixth semester student) notified that English has become the role of our life and world, and we could not hide this from our daily routines. The winners of this competition are: Speech Contest: Rara Zhafira (SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Metro) Gesia Afifah Ayu Wulandari (SMK Negeri 1 Metro) Rani Amalia Damayanti (SMA Negeri 1 Way Jepara) Story Telling: Ayu Ainun Madfudhoh (SMAN 1 Kota Gajah) Maya Atika Rahmadhani (SMK Negeri 1 Metro) Putu Ria Septiani (SMAN 1 Kota Gajah) This event was closed by a fabulous performance from Dzulfikar Kurnia Pratama, Maulana Aziz and Singgih Egiza from the SMKN 1 of Metro. Thank you for all attention from the participants and will see you again in the next English Competition organized by ASES of PBI UM Metro.

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