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The Lecturers of PBI UM Metro as Presenters on The 4th UAD TEFL International Conference 2017

The lecturers of PBI UM Metro participated and invited to become presenters and moderator on the annual international conference held by PBI UAD Yogyakarta. This seminar was located in Cavinton Hotel, Yogyakarta for two days started on tuesday 19 to wednesday 20. The lecturers of PBI UM Metro attending the seminar were Mrs Fenny Thresia, S.Pd., M.Pd. and Bungsudi, S.Pd., presenting " The Influence of using Picture Series and Realia toward Writing Ability", Mrs Eva Faliyanti and Nanda Habib Firdaus, S.Pd. presenting "Comparative Study of using Drama and Simulation Technique toward Students Speaking Ability", Mrs Fitri Palupi presenting "the Correlation between Draw Label Caption and Drill Technique toward Students' English Writing Ability",  Mr Dedy Subandowo presenting "The Analysis of Causal Factors on Students Speaking Anxiety", and last but not least, Mrs Aulia Hanifah Qomar with the paper title "An Analysis of Students' Writing Skill through Facebook as a Media".

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